Prospect Point Boat Yards provides mechanical services for all makes and models of recreational boats and engines including service on jet skis


- spring service
- engine (repower)
- annual maintenance
- trailer repair
- boat cleaning
- boat detailing
- boat transport
- interior / exterior
- upholstery
- covers
- drives
- exhaust
- electrical
- jet skis



Spring Service

When spring finally arrives we can’t wait to get your boat out of hibernation. Drop your boat off for a tune up or check out our complete range of spring commissioning services that will get your boat in top condition.

Check All Fluids
Start Engine /Change Spark Plugs
Check Shifting & Steering / Test Bilge Pump
Check Navigational Lighting /and horn
Check Battery Charge, Terminals, Wire Connections & Secure
Check & Adjust Idle
Carburetor Adjustment if Necessary / Check Ignition Timing
Verify Fuel Pressure
Reinstall propeller
Replace zincs
Check trim and tilt
Check coolant levels
Check operating temperature and oil pressure
Check for water flow
Inspect belts and hoses
Replace water pump impeller


Detailing seals and protects your fiberglass and extends the life and value of your vessel. Poorly maintained hulls and topsides create a buildup of oxidation leading to cracks in the fiberglass. These cracks allow moisture to get under the fiberglass surfaces resulting in de-lamination and soft spots.

Standard exterior detailing service includes washing, light compounding and waxing / polishing all exterior fiberglass. Clean/polish helm, compartments, nonskid, stainless, aluminum and chrome. Clean and dress vinyl, canvas and carpets. Windows and Isinglass cleaned and treated.

Indoor Storage

Prospect Point Boat Yards has the largest indoor storage facilities on Lake Hopatcong!

Prospect Point Boat Yards offer clean, dry, indoor winter storage for boats and other watercraft at both storage/service sites.

No Cons only Pros to indoor storage:
• Boat stays clean
• No break ins, locked up & secure
• No Mold
• No rodents
• Boat gets out of the weather sooner
• Boat gets back in the water sooner next season

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap is the best means of protecting your boat from the snow and ice during the cold winter months. Moisture is prevented from entering your boat after shrink wrapping.

During long periods of storage your uncovered boat is susceptible to damage from a number of sources - rain, snow, UV radiation, blowing dirt and debris, bird droppings, and nesting birds and rodents.
While a conventional cover or tarp offers your boat some shelter from the elements, only a shrink-wrap cover gives it protection that's 100% waterproof, impossible to blow off, and can withstand heavy loads of snow or rain available from Prospect Point Boat Yards.


When the temperature falls below freezing, if there is water inside your engine or gearcase, the result can be a cracked block or housing and a repair bill that runs into the thousands. It is easy enough by allowing Prospect Point Boat Yards conducts the most thorough engine winterization possible.

Allowing corrosion to flourish during the off-season is less dramatic but equally destructive. Corrosion can establish a foothold on idle components, so liberal use of corrosion inhibitors – both internal and external – is a second guiding principle for winterizing.

Click Here for the Winterization Procedure form.