When the temperature falls below freezing, if there is water inside your engine or gearcase, the result can be a cracked block or housing and a repair bill that runs into the thousands. This is easy enough to prevent by allowing Prospect Point Boat Yards to conduct the most thorough engine winterization possible.

Allowing corrosion to flourish during the off-season is less dramatic but equally destructive. Corrosion can establish a foothold on idle components, so liberal use of corrosion inhibitors – both internal and external – is a second guiding principle for winterizing.



Add Sta-Bil 360 to fuel

Drain water from engine

Run engine and fill with non-toxic Freeze Ban 50 and leave wet

Carburetor engines will have Engine Stor run through

Fuel injected engines will have a mixture of Sta-Bil 360 and two stroke oil run through providing protection to injectors and lubricate upper cylinders

Check engine oils

Check drive oils and inspect for water in drive

Battery check and disconnected, left in boat

Outboards same as above except no Freeze Ban 50